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Galaxy 4 for $20 Bundle

Step on the scene like a cosmic queen with this LIMITED Galaxy Bundle! Get 3 lippies + a hair & body glitter for just $20.

Mermaid 4 for $20 Bundle

Be the hottest fish in the sea with this LIMITED Mermaid Bundle! Get 3 lippies + a hair & body glitter for just $20.

Unicorn 4 for $20 Bundle

Create looks that are straight-up magical with this LIMITED Unicorn Bundle! Get 3 lippies + a hair & body glitter for $20.

Tattoo Junkee Featured Products

Electric Sparkle Lip Topper

Your lips will look shockingly fabulous in Electric, a bluish purple sparkle lip topper with supercharged effects.

Innocent Sparkle Lip Topper

You’re no fool … play the part of devil in disguise with Innocent, a pinkish bronze sparkle lip topper that’s sweet enough to be sinful.

Devoted Sparkle Lip Topper

You’ll be hooked for life the first time you wear Devoted, a sunkissed nude sparkle lip topper with a golden glow that shines all day long.

Lollipop Sparkle Lip Topper

No one will mistake you for a sucker with Lollipop, a light pink sparkle lip topper that looks like candy on your lips.

Milkshake Sparkle Lip Topper

Bring all the boys to the yard with Milkshake, a dark pink sparkle lip topper that’ll have everyone thinking your pout is better than theirs.

Spellbound Sparkle Lip Topper

Making magic is as easy as putting on Spellbound, a midnight blue sparkle lip topper with vibes that are straight up mystical.

Angel Dust Mini Lip Kit Set

Fun size fits all with this Angel Dust Mini Lip Kit Set featuring 5 try-me size sparkle lip toppers!

Matte Mini Lip Kit Set

Fun size fits all with this Matte Mini Lip Kit Set featuring 5 of our most popular matte lippies!

Metallic Mini Lip Kit Set

Fun size fits all with this Metallic Mini Lip Kit Set featuring 5 try-me size metallic lippies, including 2 NEW colors and 1 EXCLUSIVE SHADE you can’t find anywhere else!

Blowin' Up Phone Fan

Don’t wait for a windy day – create your own bae-worthy blowout with this USB phone fan!

Glowin' Up Selfie Spotlight

Keep your glow up game on point with the Tattoo Junkee Selfie Spotlight!

Late Night Lip Check Mirror

Keep your look on lock with this double-sided compact mirror.

Famous Metallic Lip Color

The red carpet will be calling your name with Famous, a golden pink metallic liquid lipstick with star-studded appeal.

Gold Digger Metallic Lip Color

Look like a million bucks in Gold Digger, a luxe gold metallic liquid lipstick that’ll shine up your pout like a pretty penny.

Heartless Metallic Lip Color

Give basic lips the cold shoulder with Heartless, a dark bronze metallic liquid lipstick that’ll turn heads and break hearts every time you wear it.

Spoiled Metallic Lip Color

Treat yo’self with Spoiled, a copper red metallic liquid lipstick that’s completely irresistible.

Happy Hour Lip Color

Happy Hour is a beautiful shade of berry that belongs on your lips, not the rim of your glass.

Miss Popular Lip Color

This shocking shade of hot pink liquid lipstick is cool enough to wear every day of the week, not just on Wednesdays.

Summer Love Lip Color

This matte light coral lip color will have you falling in love at first sight.

Bubble Gum Lip Color

This rosy pink liquid lipstick will make your lips POP with juicy color!

Cheeky Lip Color

Cheeky lip color is a playful pink nude liquid lipstick that’ll brighten up your pout and turn heads with its come-and-get-me vibes.

Riot Lip Color

This dark pink liquid lipstick is designed for those who love to shake things up.

Minx Lip Color

Minx lip color is the perfect liquid lipstick for accentuating your sultry smile with an appetizing shade of mocha.

Pucker Up Lip Color

This bombshell shade of red is the most perfect matte red liquid lipstick you will EVER wear.

Skinny Dip Lip Color

Skinny Dip lip color is a barely there shade of nude pink liquid lipstick that looks stunning on any skin tone.

Whatever Lip Color

Whatever lip color shrugs off the ordinary with its daring, deep purplish-red hue that isn’t for wallflowers.

Rebel Lip Color

Put on Rebel lip color and test your limits with this dark-red hue that brings out your inner bad girl.

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