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How To Use a Tattoo Junkee Lip Color Corrector

OMG ... it's happened to all of us ... probably more often than you want to think about if you wear lipstick on the regular ... smudged, shaky lip color.

How To Use Tattoo Junkee Eyeliner Pens

Sometimes (okay pretty much all of the time) eyeliner is everything to a makeup look that plays no games. There are few things more frustrating than eyeliner that's messy and difficult to apply, or just won't stay put when you're out trying to hustle.

How To Mermaid Lip Effects with Sandy Perez

You'll be the hottest fish in the sea with lips this magical! In this quick tutorial, Sandy Perez shows you how to use Tattoo Junkee Dazed, Outcast and Past Curfew to create mermaid lip effects that lure 'em in.

How To Unicorn Lip Effects with Sandy Perez

We're into all things magical lately - including our lip looks! In this quick Unicorn Lip Effects tutorial, Sandy Perez shows you how to make your kiss cosmic using Tattoo Junkee Bubble Gum, Cheeky and Riot lip kits.

How To Get Gorgeous Glitter Lips

Glitter is magical! If it wasn't, would unicorns and fairies sprinkle it everywhere they go?! So obviously we LOVE that glitter lips are super hot right now, and we're gonna show you how easy it is to play up your pout with the shimmery goodness in our Sparkle Lip Paints Collection.

How To Get a Perfect Matte Lip

Here at TJ central, we get a lot of questions about how to create the perfect long-lasting matte lip; if you’ve never used long-lasting liquid lipstick before, it can definitely take some getting used to! We’ve found that a little bit of prep goes a long way in keeping your lip color on point throughout your day.