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Meet TJ Unicorn Markie Meghan

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We’re basically convinced that @markiemeghan is a real life unicorn making the world even more magical with her creative, colorful style! Do yourself a favor and check out her feed on the regular for makeup looks that slay the cosmetics game.

We partnered with Markie for this week’s bundle feature, and recently had the chance to connect with her about her makeup style. Check out the deets from our Q&A here:

TJ: When did you first discover your passion for makeup?

MM: It's not something I can remember happening; makeup has literally always been there. I literally can't pinpoint a moment in my life where it wasn't a large focus. Glitter was my first love. Winged liner my second.

TJ: What’s your favorite thing about makeup?

MM: That it does so much more than change one’s outward appearance. Makeup is not just a superficial item anymore; it’s confidence, skill, hobby, unity, careers, passion, power – among a million other positive things. (Also, it's just super fun! Ha ha!)

TJ: We love that you are constantly evolving your look … where do you find your style inspiration?

MM: I honestly wish I could give you a straight answer on this subject. It comes from anything and everything. I think I will go through what I like to call a "color phase," where I will gravitate toward a specific shade/color and it will rule everything in my life for that time period. Like right now I'm going with everything peach, but I think my next move is periwinkle. Literally makes no sense, I know, but I am a giant living crayon and this is how my brain works. Ha ha!

TJ: If you were going on vacation and could only take one makeup item with you, what would it be?

MM: Some type of hydrating facial spray. I probably own 75 different ones, and at this point have an addiction. A spray a day keeps the wrinkles away!

TJ: What’s your favorite thing about Tattoo Junkee lip paints?

MM: Quality. The texture is spot on, the smell is pleasant, and the versatility of each kit is such a unique trait for the market.

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