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Angel Dust Lip Toppers with Iridescent Effects

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Devoted Sparkle Lip Topper

You’ll be hooked for life the first time you wear Devoted, a sunkissed nude sparkle lip topper with a golden glow that shines all day long.

Lollipop Sparkle Lip Topper

No one will mistake you for a sucker with Lollipop, a light pink sparkle lip topper that looks like candy on your lips.

Milkshake Sparkle Lip Topper

Bring all the boys to the yard with Milkshake, a dark pink sparkle lip topper that’ll have everyone thinking your pout is better than theirs.

Spellbound Sparkle Lip Topper

Making magic is as easy as putting on Spellbound, a midnight blue sparkle lip topper with vibes that are straight up mystical.